We can provide lawyers free of charge to attend your community support event for EU Citizens

If you work with EU citizens who need information about the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) or legal assistance to make applications to the EUSS, then we are able to help. We can provide free lawyers to support your local community work. 

If you want to set up an information event to explain the EUSS process to your community but you do not know a regulated lawyer who can provide this information for free, then we can make one available to you. Our lawyers can give an informal presentation about the EUSS and make themselves available for questions afterwards. Read more about Information Sessions and booking a lawyer below.  

If you want to set up an advice surgery to help the most vulnerable or complex cases within your community, then book one of our lawyers who can help EU citizens to apply to the EUSS. Our lawyers can provide free legal assistance in a half-day surgery to help resolve complex queries. Read more about advice surgeries and booking our lawyer below. 

What are information sessions?

Information Sessions delivered by one of our regulated, experienced lawyers, aim to raise awareness amongst EU citizens of their rights and entitlements and applications to the EUSS. The FREE Information Sessions are delivered online or face-to-face (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) over 60 – 90 minutes and can be booked by a community organisation, civil society organisation, local authority or any type of non-for-profit entity. We ask that you bring a minimum of 40 EU citizens to the event. The Information Sessions are beneficial for EU citizens who are asking complex questions about the application of EU law, their EU rights, how the EUSS works, and how to protect their future. This information may not be easily available and so our lawyers can help communicate these complex issues. If you would like us to target the session on specific areas, then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this. To book one of our lawyers for a FREE Information Session, please complete the booking form on this page, and we will contact you to discuss the next steps. 

What are advice surgeries?

Advice surgeries are delivered by one of our regulated, experienced, lawyers who can provide FREE legal advice for EU citizens who want to make an application to the EUSS. The half-day (four-hour) surgeries delivered online or in person (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) for a minimum of 10 EU citizens can be booked by a community organisation, civil society organisation, local authority, information provider or any type of non-for-profit entity. The surgeries are beneficial for EU citizens and their family members who are unable to make applications to the EUSS without the help of a lawyer. This might be because they do not understand the process, they cannot engage with the online application, or their circumstances are complex. During the surgery, we can provide one-off advice, make an EUSS application or secure long-term help from within our network. It would be beneficial for a support worker from the organisation booking the surgery to attend the surgery. Where this is not possible, we can have a discussion with you to enable us to provide one-to-one advice during the surgery.  To book one of our lawyers for a FREE advice surgery, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss the next steps. 

Lawyers for your event

The EU Delegation in the UK makes available lawyers for free. Our lawyers provide politically neutral information and advice on EU citizens’ rights and the EUSS. They can provide general information, but they can also tailor information and advice to the interests or needs of your particular community. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have specific requirements or you need more information about these services. If you wish to discuss how we can support you online, please contact Seraphus on 020 8142 8211. 

COVID-19 pandemic

The safety of our staff, EU citizens, and everyone else connected to this service, is our primary consideration. We will continue to be guided by official advice from the relevant government and health authorities, and we trust that all those requesting our service will also be guided by the same authorities. The EUSS continues and the deadline remains unchanged therefore it is important to continue events online until such time we can resume face-to-face events. We will continue to take bookings during this period and can provide the same support service to local community groups wishing to engage their community online. If you wish to discuss how we can support you online, please contact Seraphus on 020 8142 8211. 

Request a lawyer for your event
Please choose the type of event you want to book our lawyer to attend. If you want to hold both you will need to make two bookings, one for each type of event.
Please note that the organiser cannot be an individual, but can be an organisation, even if not legally incorporated
Please include short a link to your website, social media page, etc if relevent
How would you describe this event to its intended audience?

The cost of the lawyers's participation is covered by the European Union, however your organisation will be expected to organise and book the event venue, and manage the logistics of holding the event, invite participants and guests. If your event is to be delivered online only, we can provide assistance with software, scheduling and planning.

All EU nationals, a specific EU nationality or group e.g. Bulgarian citizens, non-EU family members, Roma or care home residents
Minimum 40, with no upper limit for information sessions. Minimum 10, with maximum 15 participants for advice surgeries.
We can only accommodate one interpreting language

We want to reach as many EU citizens as possible. For information sessions we would like to participate in events that have at least 40 participants registered to attend with no upper limit on that number.

For advice surgeries, we expect at least 10 people registered for assistance. The maximum number of people we can see in a 4 hour advice surgery is 15 people. If you have more than 15 people interested in an advice surgery, please complete a new booking form for a new 4 hour booking.

There is no upper limit on the number of event bookings one organisation can make.

Organisers are responsible for finding and booking an interpreter

Preferred date and time

Please request a lawyer minimum two weeks before your event, and note that we can only provide lawyers on weekdays.


Please specify the start time and end times of the lawyer’s participation, rather than that of the event itself. Please allow a maximum of two hours participation for information sessions and four hours for advice surgeries.

While we aim to provide a lawyer for your preferred date and time, we may suggest alternative dates depending on availability.

While this service is available throughout 2021, we recommend arranging events with us as soon as possible so that we can help as many as we can to make applications to the EU Settlement Scheme before the 30 June 2021 deadline.

How and where will the event be hosted?
If your event is delivered online, please confirm the software platform or platforms to be used.

For face-to-face events, we are able to provide lawyers and participate in events anywhere in the UK at our expense. This service is entirely free, you do not pay for any costs including the costs of travel to attend your events.

Where should we send materials?

We plan to send you information materials for your event. Please let us know to which address to send these materials. Give an address where someone can receive the materials during working hours (e.g. an office). Please provide this address even if it is the same as the venue address.

Booking contact

Please provide the contact details for the person responsible for logistics and planning so that we can discuss these topics. For advice surgeries, we will expect this person to know the names of the people requiring one-to-one legal support, the type of EU Settlement Scheme application they intend to make, and, if delivered online, the software and connection details for each person.

Further information
Sharing your event