We can provide solicitors free of charge to attend your community event for EU Citizens

If you work with EU nationals who are in need of up-to-date information on how Brexit may affect their rights, we can provide a qualified solicitor to speak at your event for free. During the Covid-19 lockdown period solicitors will be able to support online events. Solicitors are available for two hours, and cover information on EU citizen’s rights and the EU Settlement Scheme.

What are information events?

Many EU citizens been asking questions about the application of EU law, what their EU rights are now and what they are going to be in the future. The contents of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement are not well-known by EU citizens in the UK. Local community and diaspora organisations, charities and volunteers play a key role in providing information to EU27 citizens and their family members and many such organisations hold information sessions for their members.

Solicitors for your event

The EU Delegation in the UK supports this effort by offering contracted solicitors to attend your forthcoming events on EU citizens' rights. The solicitors are available, for free, to provide impartial, politically neutral information on EU citizens’ rights and the European Parliament elections, and be available to participate in question and answer sessions. They can provide general information, but they can also tailor the information to the interests of your particular locality or group.

COVID-19 pandemic

The safety of our staff, EU citizens, and everyone else connected to this service, is our primary consideration. We will continue to be guided by official advice from the relevant government and health authorities and we trust that all those requesting our service will also be guided by the same authorities. The EU Settlement Scheme continues and the deadline remains unchanged therefore it is important to continue information events online until such time we can resume face-to-face events. We will continue to take bookings during this period and can provide the same support service to local community groups wishing to engage their community online. If you wish to discuss how we can support you online, please contact Seraphus on 020 8811 1532. 

Request a solicitor for your event
Please note that the organiser cannot be an individual, but can be an organisation, even if not legally incorporated
Please include short a link to your website, social media page, etc if relevent
How would you describe this event to its intended audience?

The cost of the solicitor's participation is covered by the European Commission, however your organisation will be expected to organise and book the event venue, and manage the logistics of holding the event, invite participants and guests.

e.g. any EU nationals, or a specific EU community and which one
Minimum 40, with no upper limit
We can only accommodate one interpreting language

We want to reach as many EU citizens as possible and so, in general, we would like to participate in events that have at least 40 participants registered to attend. There is no upper limit on the number of EU citizens that can attend.

Organisers are responsible for finding and booking an interpreter.

Preferred date and time

Please request a lawyer minimum two weeks before your event, and note that we can only provide solicitors on weekdays.


Please specify the start time and end times of the solicitor's presentation, rather than that of the event itself, allowing a maximum of two hours.

While we aim to provide a solicitor for your preferred date and time, we may suggest alternative dates depending on solicitor availability.

We hope to ensure that this service is available throughout the Brexit process (including the transition period) and in case of no-deal Brexit.

Please note we won’t be able to confirm lawyer’s availability for your information session to be held in April until after the 20th March so please await until you receive confirmation before promoting your event.

Where will the event be hosted?

We are able to provide solicitors and participate in events anywhere in the UK.

Where should we send materials?

We plan to send you information materials for your event. Please let us know to which address to send these materials. Give an address where someone can receive the materials during working hours (e.g. an office). Please provide this address even if it is the same as the venue address.

Live-streaming of your event

We expect any events that we support to be well publicised and open to anyone, especially to EU27 citizens interested in attending. We encourage you to live-stream your event on social media to reach more people.

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Further information
Sharing your event